How to use Solidworks Drafting of Asymmetric model generated using Loft feature?

Please find the attached model. I want to make machining drawing of the same. But while drafting I am unable to show center points of Loft guide curve. Guide curves for loft feature are on front plane. I don't know how to give dimensions of guide curve/center point for curve.
Attached one PDF to show which dimensions and center point I want to show.
Need help!!

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Hai uday,
your problem can be solved, if you attached file .STEP format.

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Thanks Tushar.
Attached the step file.

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Designed with a model
Machined to a model
Inspected to a model

I don't know what standard you're working to but ASME Y14.41-2003 was written for exactly this reason. Hence, I feel it unnecessary to even bother dimensioning to arc centers, never mind the fact they can be derived.

This is the same way we dimension airfoils though, back in the olden times, multiple section views were shown, each with profile control frames. If you feel you need to scan (CMM) at some set increment, then perhaps that would work for you as well. Shooting in the dark as I know nothing of your design intent, but referencing the digital model is perfectly acceptable for these types of situations, so long as the model is toleranced.

Best regards

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This site desperately needs an 'edit' function...

Last pic was missing necessary dims.

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