How to use Turntable feature on Keyshot?

How can i choose the rotating path/circle center easily?
How can i make .gif or .avi of output images of turntable fauture?

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I used "GIF Movie Gear". That works great. There is no watermark I see even on trial mode. You can directly use your output images from Keyshot. Choose 7 (one hundreth) for timing and give it a go. Your gif may not work on your computer, however, looks great on this site. If your gif doesn't turn, on your pc, "You Are Not Failed". That killed my 2 hours with almost crying!" Just upload it, it wil work on the site.

You gotta have one turntable rendering before Keyshot 3 comes. This feature won't be the best forever!

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here is an example

after you got all your frames you can use this site to create a animated GIF image.
upload your images (frames), choose the speed and you are done.





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the most easy way to make gif is to use free software GIMP. all turntable jpg images from rendering software "open as layers" and then just "save as" gif. that is all, nothing more. no frame limits, work faster then anything online and you do not have to upload anything anywhere :)

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I don't know about choosing the rotation as I am just trying it myself right now Cemal with the turntable in Keyshot..... I am sure you would use something like Windows movie maker to put the Jpegs, gifs in and then it will convert to AVI....
I will let you know if it works tomorrow.

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hey guys u r all proffessional animators thx for ur useful comments.

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