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How to wrap an image to 3ds max model?

By Jareer Ardash on 10 Oct 13:36 5 answers 15483 views 3 comments

wrapping a real image to 3d model, making it looks like real.

5 answers

  • Mohammad Shubbak
    Mohammad Shubbak about 4 years ago

    This can be done using a 3ds max feature called “UVW mapping”.
    please, check the attached pdf tutorial.


    Wrapping_Real_Images_to_3ds_Max_Models_Tutorial.pdf, 579 KB
    1. Step 1

      Insert the standard 3ds max cup. (or any cup or jar).


    2. Step 2

      Create a cylinder


    3. Step 3

      Put the cylinder inside the cup to serve as the liquid surface.


    4. Step 4

      Bring a real image for the liquid you want. Here we will use coffee.
      Drag and drop the image to the cylinder."


    5. Step 5

      Go to modify panel, then modifier list, and choose "unwrap UVW".


    6. Step 6

      The UVW modifier will be added, and new features can be noticed in the modifying panel.
      We will use the selection part.
      Choose polygon, then click on the upper surface of the cylinder.


    7. Step 7

      In the projection part, select "planner map"1, then "align to z-axis"2. Look at the following picture.


    8. Step 8

      In the edit UVs part, click on "open UV Editor.."
      The Edit UVWs window will appear as shown below.


    9. Step 9

      From the upper "checker pattern list", select the coffee texture.
      Then assign the cylinder circular surface to the suitable particular part of the coffee image, as shown below.


    10. Step 10

      And this is all, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :-)


    11. Step 11

      Adding the materials, effects and lights. We can get a very nice real-like coffee cup.


    12. Step 12

      Thank you for reading my tutorial.
      I hope it is useful and clear.

  • William
    William about 4 years ago

    What is the model shape you are trying to wrap the image to?

  • osoz
    osoz almost 4 years ago

    good tutorial. But need more details. unspecified.

  • jeremy
    jeremy over 3 years ago

    unneccessary, just create a plane and use a uvw map. select your bitmap, hit bitmap fit, and stretch uniformly with the gizmo. why anyone would use a poly heavy cylinder for a simple bit mapped plane surface beats the hell out of me.

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