HOW will anyone open Solidworks 2011 files in Older version?

I wanted to save solid works 2011 files , such that it can be opened in Solid works 2008, without loosing its features data like fillet , and other features

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No, SolidWorks is not backwards compatible. Once a file has been saved in SolidWorks 2011, it cannot be opened in SolidWorks 2010 unless it is exported as a neutral file (i.e. Parasolid). Note that when importing a neutral file all feature data history is NOT included.

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Im sorry to say that i do not think that is possible in Solidworks. Only option is by making a Iges or step file. But then you will loose all features.

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Save as Parasolid, which is a native format for SW. In most cases, saving as STEP (214) will also allow users of older SW editions to open the file with minimal loss. PhotoView files will be lost, but the creation features will be kept.

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Ok thanks for you answers, I was trying hard for that. Hope it works.
Thanks a lot.

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