Hye. I'm just a beginner. How to learn solidwork faster? I'm using solidwork 2016

The application or manual that associating with solidwork

5 Answers

Have you tried the built in tutorials, assuming they're installed? Look under Help>Solidworks Tutorials. There's lots of good info to glean from them, particularly in the advanced techniques, but as a beginner it would be best to start with the beginning and work your way through.

Solidworks website also has an extensive Resource Center that may be of help to you.

If you are working with a VAR, they will be able to set you up with traditional classroom style training classes as well.

YouTube is also filled with how-to videos.

all that and practice, practice, practice!

Give me your email address for sending text book to you

learn from the "help"from the beginning to the end.Then you will find you are a master already!!

there is book for you

When I, I decided to learn SW, I took courses to be certain of having the right approach. Then I got books through these courses. I did all the exercises of all the books and those of the Help menu in SW. Now that I have acquired good reflexes, I can go to the sites, forums and learn virtually anything with efficiency.