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HyperMILL tutorial needed

By Simple Projects on 10 Oct 11:59 1 answer 0 comments

Do you know of any exercises collection, PDF or video tutorials to learn HyperMILL with?
I mean anything! As I searched all the internet and found nothing. For example on Amazon there is no kind of books or anything related to hyperMILL…
Except a few demonstration videos by hyperMILL on YouTube ( there is absolutely nothing else…
HyperMILL itself comes with a documentation PDF file which documents all the buttons and parts of the program without further explaining how they are used or showing any kind of examples...
I asked some CNC machinists who used hyperMILL here in Germany and they told me there is no such a thing for hyperMILL and they have learned it on their own, which was an amazing answer! I still have not lost all hope and I ask here from the world hoping someone knows something…
Do you know how one can master hyperMILL by learning it step by step from scratch in an organized manner? Even if your source is not in English it would be still very appreciated…

1 answer

  • jasmin zugor
    jasmin zugor over 1 year ago

    Please contact me with private message. Where are you in Germany?

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