I am using Geforce gtx 1650 super.I have tried to activate realview but cannot.I saw many tutorial but results were the same.can u tell what I have to do?


4 Answers

same problem with me. Did you find any solution?

I installed SW2021 after SW2018 wich had the realveiw hack patched
Sw2021 activated realview without any hack: it copied the hack from SW2018 regedit
I deteled Sw2018 but the Regedit stil there

afterfew days, realview stopped working and I doin't knwo why, I tried to delete and re -hack regedit, but nothing works

any idea ?

Windows 11 home
GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER/PCIe/SSE2
I just installed SolidWorks and on the first extrusion I saw something different in color, I checked and realview was activated without hacking anything.

Geforce is for gaming. But when it comes to SolidWorks, Quadro is the better option.

Anyways, there are some tricks that can activate RealView on non-supported graphics cards, but RealView isn't actually worth it. It actually can slow down you PC/Laptop and you'll end up turning it off yourself.
Its only advantage is that if the appearances included textures, it'll show them better than the normal view.

If you still persist, check this tutorial I found online: