i cannot see the part axis(eg.revolved part) while assembly>

suggest me commands to view axis in part (axis which we use for revolving),wile assembling the revolved object i feel difficult to apply constraints.

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Hi friend, I am sending you a picture about, your issue.
I hope my comments, have had help you.

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/i-cannot-see-the-part-axis-eg-revolved-part-while-assembly

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If you want to make an axis of the crankshaft you can make it with manually, you go to the sketch (choose plane with the crankshaft stand vertically) and click "project 3d element" the middle of the crankshaft, or you could do what Hugo Alanis said if you just want to know the axis temporarily to apply constraints. Ciao

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