I-deas drafting

Hello everyone,
I have thousand of files with DWG extension created with I-deas. I can not open them because I dont have this software and i can not find anywhere a viewer or something like that. Can anyone help me to how open and visualize those drawings?
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Accepted answer

If you know anyone that has I-DEAS, they can convert to PDF for you. I seriously doubt that anything is going to open/read an I-DEAS .asc file.

Best option might be to contact Siemens, since they now own I-DEAS and see if they have an option you can explore.

Good luck.

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eDrawings will view DXF and DWG files. It is also free.

Autodesk offers an online viewer and for download TrueView for free

There are also free trials available from Autodesk

I upload a file to show you the format.