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I have a problem solidworks path mate motion

By osman on 10 Feb 11:13 1 answer 1671 views 5 comments

I am trying curve conveyor motion analyse

I've been drawing in a single x plane or y plane or z plane running conveyor

But I drawing 3 d sketch x plane and y plane and z plane it doesnt work

error is

The solver failed to converge. Possible causes are:

1. The solver is failing to achieve the specified accuracy. Relax the Accuracy
setting in Motion Analysis Properties.

2. If parts in the model are moving quickly, evaluate the Jacobian more often.

3. The mechanism may be getting locked. Start the simulation with a different
initial configuration or change your motors to get valid motion.

4. If the failure is happening right at the beginning of the simulation, use a
smaller Initial Integrator Step Size.

5. Try to use a stiff solver like 'WSTIFF'.

6. Try to avoid sharp discontinuities in the model like sudden motion changes,
force changes or mate activation/deactivation.

7. You may have motors with very high speeds. Try to reduce the motor speed.

8. Make sure that only one motor is driving a given component at any time.

You can simplify the model by combining multiple parts into rigid groups:
Select the parts in Motion Manager Tree, right-click and choose 'Add to New Rigid Group'.
Please help me


egihar.STEP, 40.9 KB

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