I need help modeling this design in 3D using Inventor

Hello Guys
Is there anyone to help me in Autocad Inventor ? I have a drawing model of VALVE i want it in 3D Assembly.


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Have you thought about teaming up with NEERAJ KORANGA?

He just posted a similar question, of a similar model:

Can you be mode specific about the problem you are having with this drawing?
Maybe you could post the work you've already done and we can see where it has gone wrong?

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The models look good.
I can't help directly with Inventor as I am a SolidWorks user, but if you can define the help you need, I'm sure there will be some solutions given.

Right now you have six parts modeled. It looks like there are 13 parts in the assembly, so some more models are required.

The models you posted look good. What trouble are you having?

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Ok from what I have seen you are doing ok. The main problem with this type of drawing is that a lot dimensions are missing so that you have to guesstimate a lot of measurements. Secondly you do not know what materials are being used.
So this is what you can do, first scale your Drawing in a new sketch using the dimensions available having done this then Lock your drawing so that the size does not change. then pick out the different parts that need modeling in your case 14.
Then outline the part as best you can then add dimensions as best as you can most of the time you can round up or down to the nearest 0,5 mm.then copy the outline into a new sketch using the mid plane point where ever you can ( this is easier when you assembly the parts).
Look at the different views A-A B-B C-C etc this will show you better details. this slices the parts at the line and gives the view direction also the different cross hatching will help you identify different parts
Some parts are pure guess work like parts 3 & 8 then have threads so if you want to model them they are bit tricky for a new comer.
My tip try to identify each part separately and do the as as a new part.
hope this helps.

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