iLogic - real world applications

I've scratched the surface of iLogic, using it to generate simple calculations and ensure property fields on drawings are correctly filled in etc. Most of the tutorials I've looked at seem to revolve around this type of application / problem.

I'd be keen to know if anyone out there is using it in a more advanced way, and what types of applications it is being used for. If you can share any code that would be great, if not then any suggestions would be of interest.

Thanks in advance.

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I have no code samples, but I have seen it used for configurations and options on a product line, and generate build drawings accordingly.

Their desired end result is a very slick solution, sales chooses the option from a custom front-end, which triggers a model and drawing generation, scheduled over night, engineering reviews the following morning to ensure everything checks out ok, then "release it to production", automatically adding an approval stamp to the build drawings, and moving them to a folder production can access.

The company that is working on this has some of the bits and pieces together, and is working towards the end result described. I suspect that they are very long time away from the end result though. The hours invested to code and test something like this would be huge.

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