Importing/creating Fractal equations in AutoCAD

Good day, I am very interested in fractals and nano fabrication; I feel as though technology will steer towards the use of very small/strong micro-lattices for structural support. This obviously is hindered due to the cost of such production, however, with the aid of 3D printers; possibly extremely lightweight and strong lattice designs will become the staple of production.

Does anyone have Fractal information for autocad? I would love to view fractal equation within a design software.

Thanks so much!

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I do not know exactly about Autocad, the software is just not made for that ( I am sure some LISP can be written ) But as an alternative - there are many such scripts for 3dsmax ( which later you can import to Autocad if you really need )
A nice one which i have used in the past is parametric array ( ) which is now called para3d ( but still have a free version. )
This is basically a "clone" of the better known Grasshoper3d for Rhino . ( ) which is a parametric design plugin . free and wonderful .
Because it is fully parametric, it allows you to enter mathematical formulas and tweak them into 3d representations ( fractals ).
I have used both in the past . Grasshoper is much more powerful and established ( vibrant user community , forums, tutorials, seminars and workshops ) but you will need to learn Rhino for that ( believe me - it worth knowing rhino also without the grasshoper3d ..)
So .. Good luck - and post any results if you have .

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"grasshoper3d" are there something like that for SolidWorks?

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