In CATIA V5 ,while offseting the A class surface to B surface , some areas its NOT coming properly ,, how to get that unfilled surface


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thank you friend i understood , but i have one more doubt that,what are the commands can use for patch work?

Hello Suresh,

That's depend upon then Offset distance and fillet size,
Please not clearly most of the unfilled area is in fillet location only,reason for this is- Fillet size in A-side surface is smaller than the Offset size. we Don't have other choice you have separately fill those area's in B-side surfaces.

One option is there, don't give any fillets in A-surface and then offset, then you can get clearly.

Note: we are not suppose to change anything in A-side surface,because A-side surface's from OEM.

I hope you can understand little bit from my answer.

First, you have to check the offset or else divide the surface and then make offset using isoparametric curve option.