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  • hummer vignesh
    hummer vignesh about 3 years ago

    Unigraphics NX Interview Questions and Answers 6.0/7.0/ 7.5/ 8.0/ 8.5/ 9.0 for written test.

    Unigraphics NX Interview Questions and Answers

    1) What do you mean by Gateway Application in UG?

    Unigraphics functions are divided into applications of common capabilities, such as
    Modeling , NX Sheet Metal, Shape Studio, Drafting, Manufacturing, Assemblies etc.

    When you open Unigraphics, you are in the Gateway application because this application is a
    pre-requisite to all other application.

    2) What is Master Model Concept?

    The same model is used from conceptual design to the Drafting, Assembly, Analysis and
    Manufacturing. The idea of a virtual assembly taken to its logical conclusion leads to Master
    Model paradigm. If you change any thing in Master Model, it will reflect in all other

    3) What do you mean by Team Center?

    It is a PDM (Product Data Management) software which helps the organisation effectively
    control the design, development, analysis, manufacturing through out the product of life

    4) How to convert a file created in mm to inches (conversion of units) in UG?

    We can convert a file created in mm to inches by using UG command prompt.
    ug_convert_part (space) -in (space) 1234.prt

    Note: Save your file where command prompt showing location; Example:-

    5) What is meant by UDF?

    User defined feature is used to create the objects of different sizes in a single file. We can
    create our own form features that automate commonly used design elements. You can create
    and add the user defined features (UDFs) to target solids. You can define the shape and
    function of features, and create hierarchical libraries of features that are tailored to our need.

    6) What is Promote body?

    When you have an assembly that is work part, this option lets you promote a body from a
    loaded assembly component to the level of the assembly. The promote body remains
    associative to the original body, which is referred to as the base body.
    Once you have promote a body, you can perform operations on it, such as adding features,
    performing Boolean operations between it and other bodies, and so on. The effects of these
    operations are only visible at the level of the assembly work part in which the promote was
    created, and in any other assembly that references that part.

    7) What is Wave Link Geometry?

    This option create an associate copy of composite curve, sketch, datum, point, face, body,
    mirror body of part file in assembly file. Once you have a wave linked boy you can perform
    operations on it. (Example: In Machining model you can add wave link of Casting model and
    perform the machining operations)

    8) What is Extract Body?

    This option create an associate copy of an entire body in part file. Features can then be added
    to Extract Body feature without appearing on the original body. You can also decide whether
    you want he Extract Body feature to update when the original body is changed.

    9) What are Part families?

    This option let you create a family of parts by creating a template part. You can use the
    Unigraphics spread sheet (via the Create button on the Part Families dialog) to create a table
    describing the various part family members.

    10) What do you mean by Expressions?

    Expressions are mathematical or conditional equations used to control the parameters of a
    model. With expressions, you can easily apply major edits to a model. By changing the
    expressions that control a specific parameter, you can re-size or re-position features of a solid
    Three types of Expressions are there
    1. Airthmatic Expressions
    2. Conditional Expressions
    3. Geometric Expressions

    11) What is Direct Modeling or Synchronous Modeling?

    Direct modeling techniques represents extended capabilities for some of the more basic
    Unigraphics functions. Among these are face oriented operations, constraint based methods,
    blend regeneration and independence of feature history. You can use Direct modeling
    functions on models that have been imported from other CAD systems and are nonparametric.

    12) What is the limit for Undo?

    we can use Undo for 222 times or until up to last time saved.

    13) How many colors in are there in UG?

    There are 216 colors in UG.

    14) How many Layers are there in UG?

    There are 256 Layers in UG.

    15) What are Grips? What are there uses?

    Grip programs can be executed as button action by specifying grip executable file names. The
    uses of Grip are
    1. Simplify Repetitive Operations
    2. Standardized Results
    3. Interactive commands.

  • papa rao
    papa rao about 2 years ago

    What is the difference between face blend and edge blend

    Edge blend generate a normal curve between edges with mentioned radius
    Face blend generate a tangential curve between edges with mentioned radius

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