iPhone Case Interference Fit ?

I'm modeling an iPhone case for the iPhone 5S that I plan to have 3D printed. Does anyone know what the typical amount of interference is between the iPhone body and an iPhone case (or any other phone/case for that matter) so that the case fits snuggly? According to the "iPhone 5S Dimensional Drawing" publicly available from Apple, the width of the phone is 58.57 mm, will a 58 mm case (inside dimension) be sufficient interference to 'hold on to' the phone?

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I cant seem to find my textbooks for the formulas for basic PLA interference fits, but off the top of my head one one-hundredth of the width for a hand operated interference fit of PLA plastic (assuming your 3dprinter uses pla) sounds about right. If the tolerance of the 3d printer is within .15mm you should be fine. Especially if the case itself is designed to wrap around the sides, in-front of that outer metal band. Hope that helps! and one print off a 3d printer shouldn't cost you too much, adjusting the model would be the easy (quick) part though if you do have to.

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