Irregularities in prints

Printer Used: Fortus 450mc
Model: PC
Model tip: T10
Support tip: T12SR
Support: SR-100
Slice Height: 0.0050 in
I have printed two objects using Grabcad print (with Insight)
1) Voronoi bear:
The voronoi bear has missing layers/unattached layer at its bottom everything else seems OK. I do notice a bit of stringing though.

2) Cylinder with hollow channels:
The cylinder has a lot of visible stringing and one of the channels is slightly deformed.

Please refer to the attached images.

Please let me know if any additional details are needed.

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2 Answers

I'm rather new to FDM printer operation, but isn't stringyness caused by moisture contamination of the spool?

You may be able to dry it out with enough desiccant in a sealed container. But I'd try a new, sealed spool if you have one available. It would help narrow down the cause.

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Stringing troubles are usually caused when the print head travels over an open area and some of the filament drips out of the nozzle. To prevent this, you can enable retraction, reduce the travel time or simply cut the strings after printing.

Missing layers is usually a case of under-extrusion where some of the layers fail to get printed. To prevent this, check the mechanical settings, oil, and bearings etc. to be appropriate.

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