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Is there a simple way to Trace/Scan a gasket into CAD

By RICH GILLEN on 18 Aug 07:41 3 answers 0 comments

Like a Skidoo, Head, Cylinder Base, Exhaust, gaskets.

3 answers

  • Donald Wilson
    Donald Wilson over 4 years ago

    It would be easy to sketch these and extrude them, but there is no way to dimension them unless you have the actual item or have the part it goes to.

  • Mikko Ahola
    Mikko Ahola over 1 year ago

    There are softwares like Inkscape will trace a high contrast edge as a vector and then you can export them as .dwg usually. This will work with most of the CAD softwares or directly to laser/water cutters. You need to know atleast a hole dimension to be able to scale the picture. The longer the reference dimension, the smaller the error will be in the end result.

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