Is there any Autodesk Alias users in GC?

r u Alias user?

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everything is great but my Uni exams that make life for me so hard.and that will be finished in 5 days from todey.
William Why we dont have Alias User in GC?

hehe thats a great idea WILLIAM.more Alias user equal to more Alias model in GC and easier learning of Alias by the models.appreciated idea.
ok just start.

that would be great Aaron.i just have used it fsince 5 month ago.
its one of the best forever.

I just started with Alias Auto.

I could not call my self an Alias user yet as still trying to learn the basics.... Whats up Alireza?

I have noticed maybe 2-3 new users join GrabCAD over the past 2 weeks. Alias is more a design software and SW, IV, are engineering related software. I know I think for GrabCAD to evolve then the should try to attract more software users like Alias, 3D's Max ect, ect.
I myself would love to see more Alias users on GrabCAD as I have learned so much for SW and IV users by downloading there models and seeing how they were made and if we had more Alias users then I know my learning of Alias would be made a lot easier as it is right now.
Right we need a plan Alireza let's go to the Auto desk forms and spread the work on there about GrabCAD and maybe some users will come here and have a little look @ GrabCAD and see how great it is and then start use there self :)))))

I am, Been super busy at work so not much internet or personal projects when I get home..:(.. My corvette was built in Alias...Trying to work on some other stuff to post up but its going slow..

I'm Alias Autostudio modeller from only 16 years.........

Hi Bad boys! ;o ]
Here I am! User Alias ​​modeler and CG! 12 years of experience with Alias ​​and automotive design. I like very much 'Alias ​​Automotive'. I have not found anything better and fast for sketches threedimensional and quality surface. Doubts talk to me! I will be happy in help you!

If you have work. I see easy! 12 years of experience! Nice freelancer!

I have been using both Alias and Max for modeling for a while now...yeah!,there are few users of the products mentioned above in this forum. I have downloaded models to see and very well done to say the least; most of these models are built in other 3D Software. The point is there are Alias users around.

hi !!!

hi Ahmad Muhammad! I´m alias modeler

I use it from time to time

i am an alias user too, dont hesitate to ask if i can help!