Is there command line in SW?

I wonder can I use command line like in autocad?

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Yes, Add-ins! now I don't do it.
I did it with earlyer version I can't remember if it was Solidworks 98, or 2003.
I maybe have it still in some older drives.

It was realy just in the begining. I was used to AutoCAD 10, I started from the AutoCAD 9 in DOS plattform.
Good time!! we used the commard promt.
Today I use AutoCAD 12 Mechanical

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In SW2012 they implemented a search for commands, so if you don't remember where a button is you can quickly search it and a list of commands with that keyword will pop up, then you can simply click the one you desire... Something they've been lacking for years!

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Yes it is, same as me, migrated from Autocad to solidworks.
I tested the commandline in SW, allmost same as Autocad but solidworks was sooo slow when that feature was on.

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You can choose 'solidworks 2d emulator' from addin window
with solidworks 2d emulator command prompt : you can type and use commands such as "LINE" "CHAMFER" and others.

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