Is this a cheat or bug?

I just checked out the profile of this guy. Isaac Selzer and found out that he has been repeatedly following & unfollowing an engineer for first times thus getting ten points... :/

I don't know if he does it intentionally or unknowingly but that's bad.

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It would be a better idea to give you 10P. If you GET a follower.

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:) this is so cool. Never knew that you can do something like that.
But this just goes to show that this ranking system is not fair.
CAD has been put into second plan. Now you have people with few CAD files outranking people with plenty. It is no longer about uploading CAD, it is about LIKES, COMMENTS AND CRAPPY RENDERS. Slowly but certainly this is becoming a new FACEBOOK :(

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Seems like a bug. In my view giving 10P. for the first follower isn't fair, because If you want, there are thousends of newbies where you can follow, so you can increase your score by doing nothing constructive .....

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Please,,, enough with the score issues allready. cheaters will be cheaters and its not my job to care or to wine about it.
Can we all just get back to doing some incredible models and say the heck with the cheaters?

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