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Keyshot - how to assign different material to individual SolidWorks patterned parts?

By Chris B on 20 Feb 20:21 4 answers 0 comments

I've read how to color different parts in SolidWorks, so you can apply different materials to them.
But how to do that when it's a pattern of a single SolidWorks part?

I figured out how to color them individually in SW. But they still come into Keyshot still as one piece.

Keyshot 6
SolidWorks 2016 sp5

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Square Square Square

4 answers

  • Chris B
    Chris B 8 months ago

    Thanks everyone. Tried geometry editor. Works great for individual surfaces. Found the solution for these parts. In Scene tab, right click->unlink material. Then can texture each part individually.

  • Jedrzej Galecki
    Jedrzej Galecki 8 months ago

    Hi Chris,
    Try to remove all appearances from part and then apply colour to individual faces.
    When you importing to Keyshot make sure that 'group by object' and 'separate materials by parts' is selected under Materials and Structure.

  • Andre
    Andre 8 months ago

    In KS release 6 there is a geometry editor allowing to separate faces on a single object so you can assign any colour or material on each face of a cube per example without having to separate the faces in a CAD.

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