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Why do people download other people's models and don't even click the like button or comment? It only takes a few seconds and it helps that person's points. Also, comments are nice. Makes people feel good that thier work is appreciated and liked. The more people comment on my work, the more models I want to share. I've been using autocad since release 10. Been a lot of years and I have thousands of models. I am always drawing something new.
Sincerely, David Warren.

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Hi David, it is true that comments may encourage some of us to participate more, however, don't expect a comment for each download click otherwise, some models will have pages of redundant words and phrases. So those who really appreciate your work will thank you and give you feedback.

In my opinion, I'm sharing models with others because I like to share them not because people likes them and I should be ready to read all kinds of comments about them including critics (even the harsh ones).

take care!

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Thank you for your reply. I agree with you and I really don't need all the comments, But they are nice to hear feedback once in a while. Like when I firsat joined and someone said they'd like iges and step formats as well, so I learned how to make them and now I try to make them when I upload new models. Also, at first I was making just plain screenshots of my drawings, then someone told me I should render them or display them like I want to sell them. I just like learning new things and sometimes critizism is just the key to learn new things. That was so nice of you to take time to reply. Thank you!
Sincerely, David Warren

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