Limits, MMC, LMC

How do I figure out what the MAX. and MIN. limits to drawing a part are? Is there a specific way? Also how about tolerances and MMC and LMC

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It’s simple.
First maximum material condition (MMC) is the highest limit of material of a part to flow to attain its maximum weight limit.
Whereas least material condition (LMC) is the highest limit of material to flow to attain its minimum weight limit.
That means
Consider a solid shaft with diameter 20mm, with tolerance of +-0.2mm (i.e.: 20+-0.2mm).
MMC of this shaft is 20.02
And LMC is 19.8
But. The mmc and lmc of hole is different.
If you consider a hallow cylinder of inner diameter 10mm, with tolerance 0.2mm (i.e.: 10+-0.2)
Here mmc of shaft is 9.8mm
Lmc is 10.2mm.
Think physically a little bit.
If the diameter of hole increases. That means the material is removed. Like as if you drill a hole to wall and the concrete is removed.
If decrease the dia of the hole. The material is added, in the free space.

This can help with illustrations

Hopes helpful:)

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Tolerance is the extra thing(numbering) having with main dimension.
for ex: 20+-0.2mm
here +-0.2 mm is the tolerance.

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How would I find out what the tolerance is?

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