Looking for an Open Save As Macro

This question will be a little vague. About 3 years ago when I was as another company, I stumbled upon a really well-made macro that was named something along the lines of "OpenSaveAs". I found it through a Link on a link on a solidworks form that took me to some engineer’s personal website where they hosted it for free. The VBA code was a whole project and not just one module of code. Since I left that company, I do not have access to that code and for the life of me, I cannot fine the original either.

Essentially, when you ran the macro, a GUI popped up what allowed you to browse for one or more files, putting them all into a list on the GUI (Assemblies, parts, drawings, etc.). You didn't need any folders open nor did you need any special addons for it to function. You could then select the desired output format from a dropdown as well as browse for the output folder. Once you hit start, it would run through every file you selected and would:

1) Open the file in a dummy instance of SW.
2) Save As the file in that format (if possible)
3) Close the file without closing the instance of solidworks it started
4) Move onto the next file
5) Repeat
6) Close the instance of Solidworks it started

It was extremely useful and I had made changes to it so it was basically like the task scheduler but way faster, much more dynamic and much easier to set up/run.

Does anyone know what am talking about and if so can you please link me to where I can get it?