how to create macro for catia.
small macro's...!!

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Now that's not much of a help but I recently downloaded an Android app that is basically a series of tutorials on how to create macros in Catia. You may want to look into that if you have access to an Android platform. The app is called "VB Scripting for Catia V5". Just a disclaimer, I am not the creator of the app and I have no connection to it apart from the fact that I am using it.

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Hi Ajay,

The best way to start with macros for CATIA is to use Tools/Macro/Start Recording and recording them, after you stopped the recording you can go back to the Macros menu and see under Edit the source code.

Unfortunately this function is not available for drawings, but if you start with part and assemby modules the principles are the same.

I hope this would help.


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