Mill cutting parameters

Hello there guys.

I recently got into cam software (hsmworks) and i'm learning machining strategies. I searched on my cnc books from university for cutting parameters and i found some tables with cutting depths regarding the metal I am cutting and its hardness. But it has some feedrates for specific cutting tools. (e.g. 8,10,12,14mm end mills) and has nothing about finishing. I think that these parameters are only for roughing.

Does anybody know any sites or any book that has every parameter regarding mill machining? Cutting depths (regarding the tool) and the machining part, roughing and finishing feedrates and surface speeds (in order to calculate the revolutions of the spindle.

Thank you very much for your time!

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You could try and have a look at the website of the following tool manufacturers:
Those are just the first to cross my mind.
But the values you will find there will still have to be tested on you machine (to get the best result for tool life or surface finish (vibrations etc).
They also depend on the tool material and the material to be cut.
So there is not one value which will be correct in all the circumstances.

Hope this helps you a bit further along your way.

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