Model this in Catia?

Been trying to model this and im not sure how :/
I use V5 R19

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3 Answers

Noone? Should I make a simple extrude and use a surface as a splitting element to shape the outside , I don't really care about the holes,just the main shape. I mean this is nothing that can be done with just sketches right?

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First try it in GSD . Join the final surfaces and then close them.(convert into solid). Holes can be placed later.

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That picture is a little vague.
But I'm going to guess that there are 4 mounting holes on the bottom plane and one hole in the top left (the one with the white circle around it)
Start with 2 sketches. One top down view sketch, outliinng the shape of the bottom part, and a second sketch that is a side view of the part.
Extrude each sketch, add cutouts where you see holes in the part, and give generous radius to most edges...
That should get you most of the way there.

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