Modeling with patterns: a pineapple

Hi I´m learning solidworks, trying by the time to know well the use of operations.
I´d like to know if any of you have done a pineapple or something simmilar, like a sunflower.. and if can upload the proyect. As you know, they have a lot of
mathematic proportions and progresions that can be used in a pattern.
I´d be grateful for any response

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2 Answers

Just taking a guess you probably want to dimension a helix around a cylinder (or dimension a spline on the surface of an ellipsoid if you're feeling fancy). Then you can propagate the pattern along the curve using the curve driven pattern function. After all of that you can create a circular pattern from the last few features around your desired axis to fill in the gaps.

The leaves would also follow a similar process.

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Thanks, ya I was pointing to that
felt fancy, the cylinder is enough for me

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