Modifying Ordinate Dimensions

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If the ordinate dimensionings in solidworks are not made in the sketch , but only in the drawing,

and then I understand that I have mistaken about the zero point, is there any solution to change or invert the starting point, without doing everything again ?

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You can drag the '0' ordinate dimension in the drawing to a new feature and all the other dimensions will update. Select the '0' dimension and grab the little box at the tip of the dimension line to drag it to a new location.

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Use Move/Copy Feature (see attachment) and move the part to the Center Point.

Answered with a tutorial:

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The zero of a horizontal ordinate dimensions needs to reattach to another item like a point, vertical line, or tangent edge.
If you could post a picture of what you have, and describe how you'd like to change it, I think it will be easier to determine if it is possible.

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