My picture seems unrealistic. Why?

Okay so I work in Blender and Photoshop CS4 and I just mashed this up. ESW8 is an upcoming scooter event in Hungary, and I do the promotional work, but this looks unrealistic. What would you improve? The font type and the colour scheme has to stay.

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Like Mark wrote, try to get the light angle in your rendering the same as the background.
And since the backgound image is not sharp you need to blur the rendering a bit more.
I do not know if it is possible but render as a .png.
Than in photoshop (or similar photo-editor) you can blur the rendering, than insert it back into the background....also by playing with brightness and contrast you can "blend" in the rendering
Works for me.....

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I did some work on your image.
Think it has improved a little bit.

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I'm no expert but the lighting of your lettering is not the same as the scene - the lighting on the scene seems to be from the top right and back - the shadows are falling forwards and down. Your sign seems to be lit from more than one angle as the shadows on the letters show lighting from the front top but the bottom seems a bit bright.
Just my 2 cents hope it made sense

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Thanks for the ideas guys. Hans, thank you for working on my pic, but I wanted it to seem realistic, your picture is way too overexposured. Anyway's, I'll try to make it look better and I'll post it here so you guys can see it. Thanks again!

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Lookin'forward to your work.
My suggestion to you is to get the background more "sharp"
A high resolution background is much easier.
Now you have a sharp model and a "blurry" back.....wont fit.
Now you have to downscale the model in resolution...
Also try to get the background as colotfull as possible, yours is a bit dull,
lots af shades and a "funny" colored sky....doesn't help in getting the overall picture lifelike....

Hope you'll succeed in your search for a grand image....

(so you ride scooters?? I'm a biker...Buell XB9r..lots of 2 cylinder fun)



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Well i think main eye catcher here is the rail the wire goes trough it, also that wire ends mid air. text itself is higher quality than the rest of picture. also somehow my eye seems to think that the rail is fake cause its completely single colored i blame the image quality for that
(edit didnt notice that the replies were from 6 months ago got email that suggested topics and this was one of em)

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Hi Rick,
I am a beginner of Blender but i watched a tutorial about a modeling two days ago and it was very helpful about rendering and etc.

You can watch it from here: The rendering part is at the end. I think you need to use Cycles render renderer for better results and Sampling adjustments for render samples 50 or 100, for Preview 40. Its a bit up to you.

You can use also emission for light.
I hope this tutorial will help you a bit about rendering.
Thanks. Best regards.

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