Need Help Converting this into an STL or Something I can import into soldiworks

Our Designer sent me this 3D DWG file that he exported from 3D studio. I cannot seem to get it to export as an STL from autoCAD everytime I try the entire application crashes. Can someone help me out.


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Try AutoCAD 360 on my system I am getting the login error. You can download this from Autodesk site between this is done online. I am also having the same problem as you. but i think with lastest solid work version you can directly import AutoCAD files.

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Dear Jason,

i have converted your file from dwg to stl from latest autocad.. i dont get any problem during conversion... hope this might help you when importing it in solidworks.

Happy to help always.....

Dhanasekar V

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Use latest version Autocad software.

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