Need interior trims working method in UG nX tutorial or video?

I have some doubt in UG nx.
1. Could you please tell me the steps or procedure to follow for Plastic parts in UG nx(For example in catia ..we will create surface and join those surface and check the tengency error and connexcity error and then off set the surface (b-side) and close the surface and then we do draft analysis and make it into solid body)
2. How to do draft analysis for plastic interior parts in UG?
3. how to check the tangency error in UG for plastic part?
4. how to create tangent surface ? (for exp in catia blend,multisection,sweep and extrude etc is there)

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2 Answers

your answer is here.
1. we do same thing which u have mentioned for catia, only some commands's name change.
to join surface in nx use 'sew' command.
to tengency error and connexcity error use "examine geometry" command in analyis tab. And for close body - first form close surfaces then use 'sew' to make close solid.
2. for draft analysis..go---"analysys > shape > slope". select surfaces & define tool direction (die vector)
3.analysis > Examine geometry
4. you have many option to create tengent surface in UG NX
ex- mesh surface- through curves, through curves mesh, n-sided surface etc. 'mesh surface' is just like 'blend & multi section sweep', and 'n-sided surface' is just like 'fill' in catia.

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