Need someone to convert 1 file from .STP to .OBJ

Hello GC community,

I found this fantastic modele below of the Gundam Dynames by Sean Seneviratne, but I have a problem in that the program I am using (Wings 3D) does not support the .STP file format. I have searched for a way to convert it, but I was unable to find anything that works. I have also tried contacting the modeler Sean Seneviratne, but I don't think he has visited in awhile since he updated the model in 2016 and has not responded.

Gundam Dynames

Could somebody please convert the .STP model into .OBJ format? I just need this one model.

Thank you so much,

P.S. Sorry for my bad english

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3 Answers

I would recommend installing FreeCAD where you can inport a .step-file and export it as an .obj-file.

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That's a cool model.
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OBJ Attached.

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On OS-X at least, read STEP/STP in to the free (open source) CAD Assistant ( and use the floppy disk icon on left to save as ply (w/ colors) or obj (w/ mtl). Also check out the cool "Clipping plane" feature (bottom icon on left).

If you want to colorize first, use FreeCAD and, save as STEP w/ color and follow instructions above.

All also available for Windows, now you can do as many as you want.

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