NX Template, pax files, customization questions


I created some templates, specially for drafting and created a new pax file for the drawing. I removed the old pax file from the template.

I also made a Templates folder and copied some of the standard templates and pax files to that folder.

I made a script to launch NX and change the EV to point to the new template file.
So far all good.

Now I have some minor things.
In the file new, the drawing tab is now the last one, How can I change it to be next to the model tab?

Is it possible to make a standard path for all template when doing a file new file?

And more fashion one, is it possible to change the background image when you don't have any open files to a different image using environmental variables? So when opening NX from the script file it is all customized, but with the standard Icon is normal

Thanks so much for your help and time

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