NX11 drafting - dimension questions

Hi guys. I´m new in NX11 drafting and I have some basic questions.

Is possible configure NX11 drafting preferences to:

- reduce spaces between dimension text / field "Before" and dimension text / field "After"? (it takes a lot of space when placing the dimension...)

- when is need to put both f arrows out, is possible reduce or eliminate one of arrow lines length, keeping its dimension line visible? (when I try eliminate one of the arrow line, the dimension line always desappears, and it takes a lot of space to put the dimension...)

- align tolerance fields (bilateral) so that lower tolerance text bottom aligns with the middle of dimension text? it´s a national standard requirement here (ABNT/NBR).

Manually I didn´t get it, and my search int Draft. Preferences didn´t get results too.

See attached file

Many thanks ind advance

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1 Answer

Looks like the spacing was working before, perhaps in an earlier release?

Many of these settings are in the drafting standard (customer defaults > drafting > general). If you're company uses their own standard, it may be customized, otherwise, choose one of the standards.

Been a long time since I've had to deal with this issue, but perhaps this will at least narrow the search down.


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