PA Equipment

Does anybody have any parts regarding PA, stage end concert equipment? Like mic stands, mixers, speakers, monitors, keyboards and keyboard stands, and of course, people on the stage, performing (sitting playing, standing playing and singing)?

Parts and assemblies in IGES or/and STEP are also welcome.

3 Answers

I'd check the library.
16 Channel Audio Mixer

For people I'd use something like this: Silhouette Scale Model Reference Pack
But, there are 3D models on the site as well.

Speakers are basically boxes. Those would be easy to model.

Even if the files are not in the ideal format, someone here can convert them, or I've heard that the GrabCAD Workbench program can convert file types.

Excellent answer. Thank you.

The only thing I miss now, is a digital drum kit (Roland or similar) and a acoustic guitar (for some reason the ones in here are not in correct size). Can anyone help me with that?