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I know we have a mixed variety of nationality's here at GrabCad, i myself am Portuguese, but i live in the USA.
I think it would be a lot easier and better for everyone, if all Description and Titles where written in English. I find myself, sometimes, trying to figure out, some of these parts, if i could understand the title, it would be a lot easier. Specially on the search part also.
That is only my opinion...

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English isn't my first language either, but I use it out of courtesy since I can.
But to be honest I feel everyone has the right to upload on their own terms. Yes I would love to see everything in this site in one language but you have to consider that a lot don't speak it, a reminder in the upload page would be good but then again, people who can't speak the language wouldn't understand the note.
What I think is a good idea if people who speak the same language to suggest tags or help with the name of the model if the uploader likes to use English but isn't able to.

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I use google chrome as a web browser and usually when sites are in another language it asks if I would like it translated. Since only the titles/descriptions are in another language it doesn't ask. I wonder how hard it would be to incorporate a translator into the site...

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Not that I just agree, but I completely support the idea. I'm from Serbia and English is definitely not my mother tongue but I do find it to be the most universal and useful on International sites. After all, even aliens in movies all speak English :)
I don't mind comments being written in any other language.

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It would only beneficial for the engineer, that is work can be easily searched...

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A picture is worth a thousand words.
Screenshot is enough for an engineer to write a paper.

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Je parle francais,.. mais j'essais du mieux que je peux de traduire en anglais les descriptions de mes modèles :) Cela aide beaucoup de gens à trouver mes modèles rapidements, heureusement que google translate est là, il m'a sauver la vie à quelques reprises.

I Speak french, but I prefer to translate in english my descriptions,.. easier for others to find my models... Copy/paste to Google Translate is a good idea... I know that's not a perfect translator but it help me a lot of times.

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