Problem in detailing.

While inserting views into the drawing, dimensions are displaying automatically. Is there any solution for this problem?

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7 Answers

It`s your template -
document properties -
Detailing -
uncheck the box "dimension marked for drawings" -
Then re-save the drawing as a template

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delete all the dimensions.
Can you click on Model Items feature?
= >>>>> Auto dimesions

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Hello Sudhir,

Please find the attached image.... The problem is that dimensions are coming automatically once I placed the views to the drawing sheet!!!!

Pls let me know if there any solution...

Thanks in advance.

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There might be two reasons for that. First is Automatic Dimensioning. Disable it and use only smart dimensioning. But in this case I would want to know whether you are using SW 2014. In 2014 the dimensions in Drawings are imported as annotations from the part features.

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Hi Sudheer,

You are right... it is auto dimensioning & I am using SW 2012. I know how to add auto dimensioning.... But in this case it comes automatically and how can I disable this?????

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