Problem using sheet metal flange in Pro/E


I am having problems getting a 90 degrees wall contour around the following geometry (see image).

This shape isn't flat. It has two bends of 25 degrees. And it seems that are this bends that are difficulting Pro/E to create those walls using flange command.

I already tried to make the perpendicular walls first (when I still has a flat base without bends) and actually it worked but then I couldn't make the 25 degrees bends.

I have attached to this post two images.

What am I doing wrong? Can someone help?

Thanks in advance!


David Nelson

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3 Answers

in flange command on top look for user defined,select the edges you want to have flange,then sketch.

i have added rough part please let me know.

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Hi Gopal!

Thanks for your help!

I still can't use flange command properly in my geometry. Maybe there is another command that solves my problem but I still haven't find it

I have attached the part model, can you try to make those walls using my model?

I saw your model and I need something similar but without those gaps.

Again, thank you very much!


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curve around the part is not forming a loop it's broken,whole curve is not getting selected,there are breaks in between,otherwise whole flange thing can be done with sweep protrusion itself.

same thing is happening when you try to select curve in making flange,edge is not making loop.

my solution is (if you have complete dimensions of the part),make a sketch on top plane,then make a plane normal to two axis on which you were bending,on that plane make line which will be at 25 degree bend,then intersect that sketch and line you will get sketch with bend without sheet metal. boundary blend it, then sweep protrusion (surface) around the edges, thicken

part is copy of a copy of a copy without adequate references,both sweep protrusion and flange thing won't work without proper references.

please let me know if it works alternate way.

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