Problem with mmg CNC file

Hi all, after i created a 2D part for my CNC machine and set all parameters the machine cuts everything fine but sometimes it gets glitches...
Like after cutting a complete panel full of holes and text the machine decided to cut a line in the middle of the panel...
Does anyone know what this thing is about and how to fix it?

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1 Answer

It is difficult to say without being able to review the CAD data, but some things which can help:

1. Always inspect the CAD model before sending it to the CAM software. Look for weird seems, gaps, holes, tiny edges, knife edges, and any other defect you, or the software can automatically check for.

2. Always inspect and simulate the tool path before cutting a part. For a big part, this can get pretty boring, but it pays off by not having a weird hole machined at the end.

3. Make sure the tool is well secured in the collet. If possible, make use of actual milling collets which have a setscrew to lock the end mill in position. A regular collet can allow a tool to move.

4. Depending on the project and timeline, consider machining the first part from something fast and inexpensive like reusable, machinable wax.

5. Try cutting the same part, but from a different file format. Sometimes one file format works better than another. Try all of the formats you can import until the best one is found.

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