Problem with saving motion study

For some reason solidworks does not save a motion study I am making.
I'm saving the assembly after creating the motion study.
20 seconds of motion are gone every time I close my assembly file.
How can I fix it?Every help is appreciated.

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3 Answers

There could be many factors creating this issue.
Why don't you upload your model with Motion study? Maybe it will be easier to find the root cause.

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Try to save it as copy with new name, if it didn't work make new assembly file and put you assebmly in it make the motion study to the new file.

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Hello again,
It took me about 3 days with all the attempts to get work done.
I have the complex assembly with numerous sub assemblies which I had to make them moving.All the moving parts should be the part of the main assembly and only then it is possible to save the motion study.As one could say:"Experience brings wisdom".

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