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I always have problem in using cosmetic thread in solidworks. Mostly when I have a part in hand , already threaded with an arbitrary pass, that I can not replicate it in solidworks. Using the standard threads like Ansi Metric ,etc.. For example , when I have a part of 15 mm diameter, that has an external thread of 1 mm pas with 14.25 length , solidworks shows me M14 at maximum , for Ansi Metric , none of them with pass 1 mm ! So I wander in all available standards and tables of threading , but I don't know well, once for all ! What are the steps, to design a model for a part with any different threading , that I don't know on which basis is done , I mean , when I measure the maximum diameter of the thread, and it is 15 mm, doesn't it mean it's M15 ?? What should I indicate ? I appreciate the most elaborated answers. This has been a pain for me for a while

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SolidWorks does not have every thread. Even SW2016 with the new Thread feature is missing many common sizes and profiles. You'll need to create your own thread callout for threads that are not defined.
A 15mm thread with a pitch of 1 is a fine pitch thread, but it does not appear to be a common size.

Your callout should contain the information needed to create the thread. Diameter, pitch, tolerance class, special circumstances (i.e. left handed, modified crests or roots).
Some definitions are provided at this site:
You may want to pick up a copy of Machinery's Handbook if threads are a common feature you need to create or define.
A model of an M15x1 thread is attached, SW2016 format and Step.

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