Problems with Sprockets

I am using the sprockets designer of solid edge, this tool don't give me the chain. So I decide to make the model of the chain. After I put all datas and generate the sprockets and the chain, I make the assembly. But when I put the second constrain in the roller in the sprockets, the software show a mensage saying that the relationship make conflict with others constrains.
The problem is not in the model because the designer give to me information about the chain and I checked all values. My objective is make a beautiful assembly, I don't use it to make a simulation.
I use the tool mesure to checck the values of sprockets and the distance of rollers and they are right.
Someone have any idea of what is happen?

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1 Answer

Check again the dimensions but this time with more decimals, probably there is a 0.00000001 diference and Solid Edge doesn't like it.

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