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I see some of you here on GrabCAD use another program for rendering models . Is there some free programs that is good for rendering prosess. I use Autodesk Inventor 2010, but I think there is not enough options on the rendering. But I'm a newbeginner, so that is maybe the reason that I don't like the Inventor rendering.

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Apart from w.wolf's suggestion some other free options;
Check these out, some are standalone and some might be plugins, but be warned they tend to have a steeper learning curve than the mainstream payed for versions.

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It's not that you're new, Inventor's rendered images are not very good if you compare them with renders made in Showcase, Keyshot or other software that are specifically developed for just that: "Rendering". Inventor provides an alternative to people that don't really need high quality renders, but would like a fairly decent image to include in a presentation or manual, without the need to buy additional software.

About free rendering software I wouldn’t know. But this is the right place to ask. I’m sure someone on this community knows something!

Good luck!!

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Hi Knut - I have a solution :)
why don't you go back to School and you can get all Auto Desk software for free :)))))
if that is not an option send me an E-mail with as it is telling me that your E-mail addy that is on GrabCAD is not an E-mail when I try and send you one? Strange
My E-mail is -

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I know of one free rendering software, it's called Blender but it isn't the easiest to start learning with. SolidWorks prior to 2011 had the easiest rendering software, but I guess you don't use SolidWorks.
Here's the link if you're interested in Blender:

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Thank you for answering. Okey, then I just wait and see if there's somebody "out there" who can give me even more information. And I keep seartcing on the net.

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Thanks, Danny Tas.

I will check those out.

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