Projected curve makes Solidworks crash. How do I fix it?

I'm trying to do a loft cut and use projected curve as a centerline between my sections, but after I apply it - Solidworks crashes . Sometimes it crashes before I apply loft cut for instance when i try to edit projected curve, sometimes during a loft operation. Anyway I'm guaranteed that the problem is related to projected curve.

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2 Answers

This problem is probably related to your equipment or Solidworks installation. this is because the equipment can not calculate the loft operation, which is quite complex, or because a .dll is missing, then it causes the preventive shutdown.
   This problem happened to me many times in other operations, mainly working with surfaces. Most of the time it was the equipment I could not handle due to lack of memory or processor.
  Try running the command with the active windows task manager to check the memory levels during the operation. otherwise you will need to repair the solidworks installation.

Good luck!

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thank you, tomorrow I will try to follow your advice and see what happens.

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