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what software to use

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what do you intend to model and in what purpose and for who?

If you are into engineering specifically automotive or aviation then CATIA is the most used.
In other places Soldiworks and Creo and Unigraphics are used.
Inventor is also same style modelling, but rarely used in industry because it's very new and the market is already full with CATIA/NX/CREO and some solidworks

Other style of modelling is doing curvy pieces to just look nice without solid dimensions and constraints. 3dmax is one such software if you wish to model a sculpture or an animal, or a figurine.

And if you wish to go for the industrial design of class A surfaces (design of automotive body, nice curves on aircraft fussealge, nice curves on every appliance housing, etc), then Alias automotive, or ICEM surf are go to options

All real CAD sofware mentioned are quite expensive into 4-5digit price range (in euros/dollars)

If you just want to get some experience in CAD and just mess around, Fusion 360 is cheap (free for noncomercial use) and pretty powerful similar to Inventor. If you search on youtube, wintergatan made an odd instrument with thousands of pieces in fusion 360.