Rendering clear plastics in Solidworks Visualize

I have a clear plastic cup that I created in SW. In SW I applied a transparent plastic
that appears clear SW but when opening the part in Visualize the clear plastic appears solid. Even when I apply a clear plastic appearance that is found in Visualize library it is not entirely clear (maybe 10%). This is for all plastics.
I have tried glass appearance but this is not realistic to a polyprop or polycarb plastic.
does anyone have solution for this or even a custom material with its setting that I can use in Visualize please.

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2 Answers

From your answer it`s not clear that do you use render tool or you just want to create transparent cup with real view graphic? If you have SW Pro then I recommend to use render tool (activate it Tools - Add Ins... - PhotoView360).
Otherwise you can change transparent as shown on pictures...

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Looks like you already got an answer on MySolidworks. I was trying to download those extra textures but the link was dead... so sad.

Anyway, I have been playing around in Solidworks Visualize not Photo view 360 and I am trying to render some plastic Safety glasses. I started messing around with the parameters like Ron said.
Appearance type: Plastic; always gives me something really dark. They look more like sunglasses with glitter in them than clear safety glasses.
Appearance type: Glass; also comes out really dark. but they are at least one color without glitter. (I am really curious how people make realistic glass cups with this texture.)
Appearance type: film; comes out the clearest but it also has a bit of glitter in it. However, I can overcome most of the glitter by making the pass count really high and it takes forever but looks ok.

Thank you, Winston Jennings and Todd Abernethy for making the Safety glasses so I could mess around in Visualize with plastics.

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