Save a library with derived configurations

To make a library of washers, I got a table with part numbers, the type of the washer (conical, flat, split, wave), the thickness, the outer and inner diameter. To generate them I had to use derived configuration, as shown on the picture. Now how can i save all these configurations as STL with the part number as the name of the saved file ? (ex 100013.STL for the first one)

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Hi Arnaud,

Download the DocExport macro and edit it to add .STL to it. You will be able to save all the configurations as STL.

See screenshots below. If you are unable to find the code to edit the file types. I have the edited version attached and you can use it directly. :D

Hope this helps.

In case, if the files are not properly named as you wanted it. Try using the Bulk Rename Utility.

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Thanks a lot, it seems to be exactly what I needed.

It just takes some time...


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