Serious Question. Finding a job related to Solidworks as a foreigner.

Hey guys. Im searching for a real life, down to earth answer related to my question.
Feel free to dive in, provide any sort of hard-core, down-to-earth advice or anything necessary.

Anyways, Im currently working as a software tester in South Korea (South Korean).
While i do have some understanding in programming, my actual interest is in 3D images.
As a side project, ive been working on SolidWorks, and sooner or later will try as hard to master it.

I do not have an engineering degree, do not have a degree in design, but 3D design related to the fields above is very much interesting.

So my question is,
1. What are the requirements for an entry level position related to 3D desgin?
2. Are companies located in the U.S. or in Europe interested in hiring a foreigner (visa sponsoring and everything)
3. What additional knowledge do i have?

Thanks guys. Please help.

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1 Answer

Simple question...difficult to answer.
So you want to be a designer...I what field??
It takes years of experience to be a good designer (in 2 or 3D)
You have to master the field of engineering (such as automotive, aerospace, et. etc. Only than you can use the 3D software to help you in the design.
Remember that your software is only a tool to visualize your designs.
But the most important tool is the gray matter between the ears, that is the place were great design are made.....
So the first step is to become a designer....than you can use a 3d program to assist you.....Not the other way around....

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